Wipe Dispenser - by Doris Dev


Hensim was invited by Doris Dev to join their project in the early stages of design. This case study showcases our close collaboration with Doris Dev, from the initial design process to the successful mass production of a thoughtfully designed, sustainable product.


Engagement with Doris Dev:

Recognizing Hensim's capability in design, Doris Dev approached us to be a key partner in their project. We were excited to collaborate with Doris Dev, leveraging our experience and capabilities to bring their vision to life.


Prototyping and Iteration:

Through a series of prototyping and iteration phases, we fine-tuned the design, incorporating feedback from Doris Dev and ensuring that the product met both their design requirements and manufacturability. Our iterative approach allowed us to address any challenges that arose during the development process, resulting in an optimized design.


Some of the key engineering challenges we encountered during the project involved optimizing the spout geometry to achieve a consistent, clean tear with each use. Additionally, we focused on designing a bi-directional hinge that would provide effortless opening and ensure airtight closure. Another crucial aspect was engineering an assembly that added sufficient weight to the walls and base, resulting in a solid and substantial feel for the product.



During the development phase, we faced significant challenges that required innovative solutions. One of the key challenges was to find a cost-effective alternative to the original stainless-steel material without compromising on durability or elegance. We successfully developed a solution that maintained the desired qualities while reducing costs.


Another challenge we encountered was addressing cosmetic issues caused by the tooling process. We swiftly implemented a quick-turn solution to rectify these issues, ensuring that the program stayed on schedule and met the launch deadline. Additionally, we worked diligently to generate samples that accommodated a custom color finish, meeting the specific requirements of our client.


Through numerous modifications to the tooling, and enhancements in assembly processes, we were able to overcome these challenges. As a result, the Wipe Dispenser successfully entered mass production, meeting the desired specifications and quality standards.

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Manufacturing Excellence:

Leveraging our state-of-the-art facilities and expertise in manufacturing engineering, we transitioned from design to mass production seamlessly.


Key Success Factors:

The successful collaboration between Hensim and Doris Dev resulted in several key success factors:


Seamless Collaboration: Hensim and Doris Dev worked hand in hand throughout the entire process, fostering effective communication and collaboration. Our joint efforts contributed to the timely completion of each project milestone.


Design Optimization: By integrating our design expertise, we optimized the product's functionality, aesthetics, and user experience, ensuring it met the highest standards of quality and performance.


Efficient Manufacturing: Hensim's manufacturing capabilities and meticulous attention to detail enabled us to deliver the product on schedule and within budget. Our commitment to excellence in manufacturing ensured the product's reliability and durability.



The collaborative journey between Hensim and Doris Dev exemplifies our commitment to delivering innovative, high-quality products from component design to mass production. This case study showcases Hensim's ESI and manufacturing capabilities, providing our clients with a reliable partner to bring their product ideas to life.


If you're looking for a trusted partner to collaborate on your next project, Hensim is here to help. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements and discover how we can turn your vision into reality.


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